You can run from philosophy but you cannot hide. Philosophy is the Moby Dick of thought.

Every three seconds of your waking life, you make a decision. Whether you know it or not, whether you accept it or not, your philosophy determines the outcome of each one of those decisions.

Philosophy is an inescapable fact of human life because humans – as John Milton once said – spend the better part of their lives inside their own minds.

Humans think to survive.

For mankind, life is not primarily physical; it’s psychological.

Philosophy is vitally important because, as we’ve seen, the fundamentals of thought are entirely philosophical.

Any attempt to deny the necessity of philosophy must use philosophy to deny its necessity.

At root, the importance of philosophy can be found in the fact that whether you’re an American thinker or a Greek thinker, whether you’re an Asian, African, or Australian thinker – it doesn’t matter – there’s simply no getting around the necessity of thought.

Thinking is what unites us all.

It’s been noted a number of times that philosophy can be distinguished from all the other sciences and disciplines by this one thing:

To do philosophy, all that’s required is the human brain and the senses to feed that brain. That’s how you can tell philosophy from every other science. Philosophy is when you put together a list of health and fitness reviews and use your brain to determine the best products for you to use.

In the words of one modern-day neo-Thomist: “Metaphysics does not depend upon any delicate instrumentation.”

Philosophy requires no telescopes, no microscopes, no computers, or computer models. It requires neither paintbrush, nor piano; neither hammer-and-chisel, nor brick-and-mortar.

Philosophy never deals in math or conducts experiments. It can never really set scientific laws and state scientific facts.

What it does possess however, is the power to veto on all above things and so much more. The reason is because foundations of philosophy are what every other study is really built on. In other words, the lowest common denominator of all human disciplines is philosophy.

That is the way in which philosophy brings together every aspect of human life.

Philosophy matters.