There is no sin except stupidity, said the thinking man Oscar Wilde

And humans (said Aristotle) by nature desire to know.

Thinking is the human quiddity.

It's the fundamental method by which humans live and flourish, and the fundamentals of thought are philosophical.

Every single thing within the realm of human inquiry depends first (and last) upon philosophy.

The nature of proof, probability, knowledge - these are not primarily scientific questions; they're philosophic.

And more:

The philosophy you hold, whether you know you hold it or not, shapes all your convictions, all your conjectures, all your ultimate conclusions.

Philosophy, in short, is the root of the plant whose every other part and petal is every other human endeavor: from the so-called science of climate change, to certainty, to soccer, to stone masonry, to stock cars, to Cymbeline, and everything in between, philosophy is the foundational thing.

It is the source from which all subsequent knowledge flows.

Every true thinker is part philosopher.

Which Type of Insurance Salesman Are You?

which type of salesman

For an insurance salesman there are basically two kinds of philosophies. Do you know yours? Read on.

Being in the insurance industry and dealing with various kinds of policies you are already aware of the strategies one can use. These tactics of closing sales, lead generation or even simple cold calling are age old sales techniques. You just have to tweak them a bit to your insurance niche.

It all boils down to how you approach the relationship with your customer.

Either you view the customer as another person, which we shall call, “the Other” or you view them as a buyer someone who depends on you and is therefore your “Brother”. In the first instance, no matter who the person is you see them as different from you. In the second instance you believe in building bonds and linking with the customer because they are like you – your brother.

The Other Philosophy

Sales is all about actions and counter actions. When an objection is raised you handle it. When you need something from the customer you seek to get it. They want your prices to be lowered you want it increased. You negotiate and finally both of you come to some sort of a compromise. That is how majority of corporate insurance works. In fact, majority of insurance companies deal with their customers in this manner.

The Brother Philosophy

In this approach you make sales a virtuous circle. You find commonality between your customer and yourself thus working towards converting him or her into long-term buyers. You empathise with the customers and prefer transparency with a long term approach.

It is not always about the cheapest insurance or even the most comprehensive cover but rather about building relations and falling back on them when required by either party. A brotherhood is what you target with your customers.